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Nord Est Engineering is a Consortium founded in 1997, grouping four Companies specialised in different fields of Marine and Industrial Engineering. The Consortium sets out to achieve a high production capacity whilst also providing the flexibility of small or medium companies.

Nord Est Engineering is able to offer a complete product from basic design to workshop drawings.
The organisation is structured in a number of technical departments specialised in different fields (Basic Design, Calculations, Hull Structure, Machinery, Hull Outfitting, Electrical). Each department has a head who will act as the technical reference point during the development of the design. A project leader will then co-ordinate all the activities so the customer has a single point of reference during the development of the project (see flow-chart).

Marine Engineering

Wide experience in different ship types (RO/RO Passenger Vessels, Product Carriers, Chemical Carriers, ContainerVessels, Bulk Carriers, Offshore Units, Cable Ships, Supply Vessels, Tugs, Fishing Vessels, Pleasure Motor Yachts).

Detailed Engineering

All documentation for construction will be developed in 3D, both for the structure and outfitting.
Our experience acquired in many years of work in different Shipyards enables us to adapt our work to the production standards of each yard while at the same time advising the customer on different construction solutions. Particular attention is paid to integration between structure, machinery, hull outfitting, deck arrangement, interior arrangement and electrical plant. 3D models are always available to every department in order to check interference and find the best solution.
The aim is to reduce to the minimum any modification on board.

Services and consulting

We are available for consultancy regarding our activities. We can create a team to assist Shipowners or Shipyards in:

- pre-contractual activities
- definition of basic design
- development of projects
- choice of suppliers
- surveying during construction
- on board consultancy

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